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Representative Attorney-at-Law Hajime Nakajima

Representative Attorney-at-Law

Hajime Nakajima

Member of Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association

Education/Professional Experience


Graduated the University of Tokyo (LL.B)

1986 - 2007

Judge of Nagoya District Court, Tokyo District Court, and other district courts

Instructor of Legal Training Institute of the Supreme Court

Judge of Tokyo High Court

2007 - present

Professor of Toin Law School

Member of Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association

2008 - 2013

Examination Committee Member of New National Bar Examination (in charge of Company Act and Commercial Code)

2011 - present

Member of Japanese Bankers Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee

Member of The Dispute Reconciliation Committee for Nuclear Damage Compensation

2014 - present

Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of JAPAN FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION (JFA)

2015 - 2016

Corporate Auditor of INTAGE HOLDINGS Inc.

2016 - present

Outside director of INTAGE HOLDINGS Inc. (Audit Committee member)

2017 - present

Outside director of Toyo Sugar Refining Co., Ltd.

Recent Publications (available in only Japanese)

  • Interim Guidelines of the Japanese Government on the Determination of the Scope of Nuclear Damage (Author), published by Shojihomu Co. Ltd., 2013
  • Compendium for the Civil Rehabilitation Law (Co-Author), published by Koubunodou, 2013
  • Textbook – Q&A for the Civil Rehabilitation Law (Co-Author), published by Seirin-Shoin, 2011
  • Practical Compendium for Trial – Bankruptcy Law (Co-Author), published by Seirin-Shoin, 2007

Recent Thesises (available in only Japanese)

  • Reinforcement of the Labor Law (2011 Elderly Care Business White Paper)
  • Levy Procedures for Real Estate owned by Corporate Association (Banking Law Journal, September 2011)
  • Necessity of Special Provisions for Bankruptcy of Agricultural Business (New Business Law Journal, November 2010
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